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Indonesia is a country consists of number of islands and provinces, including Papua Province. Papua is the largest island in Indonesia, rich in bio-diversity from both land and sea. Geographically, Papua island is located on tectonic plate, causes it rich on non-biological natural resources such as oil, gas, minerals and mining materials, including gold, copper, coal, limestone, quartz sand, clay, sand iron, and silica. Despite of these abundant, there have been limited number of researches done to explore the potency of Papua’s natural wealth.


As the world is entering an era where advances in science and technology that moves forward fast, especially in the field of chemistry or chemistry related disciplinary, it will be beneficial to conduct fast progress researches that mainly focus on converting natural resources into higher added value materials which are economically feasible, nature-friendly and sustainable. The 7th International Conference of the Indonesian Chemical Society held in Papua 26-27 September, 2018 owns a theme of “Papua’s Natural Resources for the World Welfare”. This event is a venue to support exchange useful information about the latest researches related to natural materials between chemists from all parts of Indonesia and some other countries representatives.  Participants are invited to present their papers focusing on natural materials, but other related fields of research are also warmly welcomed.


In addition, this conference will be beneficial to support the local government with the hope that the outcome will contribute to the economic development of the province either by way of regulations based on the findings from the researches presented in the conference or directly from the research itself.

Date and Venue


THE 7th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE INDONESIAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY (ICICS) 2018 will be carried  on the 26th day of September to the 27th, 2018.


The conference will be conducted in Grand Abe Hotel Abepura, Jayapura, the capital city of Papua Province in Indonesia.

Keynote Speakers

Invited Speakers

Conference Topics

  • Agricultural Chemistry and Food Chemistry
  • Analytical Science, Forensic Chemistry, and Instrumentation
  • Applied and Industrial Chemistry
  • Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Life Sciences
  • Biomaterial, Nanochemistry and Polymer Chemistry
  • Chemical Education and Science Education
  • Essential Oils, Drugs and Narcotic
  • Geochemistry, Marine Chemistry and Astrochemistry
  • Green Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry
  • Material Chemistry, Catalysis, and Processes
  • Natural Product and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Nuclear Chemistry and Radioactivity
  • Organic, Bioorganic, Bioinorganic, and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry, including Chemical Dynamics and Reactivity
  • Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Call For Papers

Authors are encouraged to submit an abstract with approximately 150 words in English (not including title and authors’ names and affiliation). The abstract must contain in the following order: 1) title of the paper; 2) authors’ names and affiliation(s); 3)  background of study, methods, results, and conclusions; 4) keywords; name, full address, phone number and email address of corresponding author.

Selected papers will be recommended for publishing in Scopus indexed journals.

Abstract Submission

All abstracts must be submitted electronically as per our template, using our submission link. Abstract submission will be opened until July 16th, 2018. Please note that all submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Conference Committee.

Authors will be notified by the Organizers of the conference if their abstracts have been accepted for a poster or an oral presentation.


Oral Presentation

Authors should indicate their preference for this type of presentation. Organizing Comitee would try to meet this preference.

Poster Presentation

A poster presentation allows you to interact face to face with people interested in your research. Posters should be no larger than A0 (60 cm wide by 120 cm long) in this format. Please follow the guidelines.


Chairman : Dr. Yohanis Ngili, M.Si
Treasurer : Septiani Mangiwa S.Si., M.Si
Secretary : Yane O Ansanay, Ph.D
Secretariat Office Information
Office : Chemistry Building 1st floor, Faculty of Mathematics and  Natural Science, Universitas Cenderawasih, Jalan Kampwolker Kampus Baru Waena, Jayapura.




Contact Person : 081344251586 (Dr.Yohanis Ngili, M.Si/Chairman)
: 081280637218 (Yane Ansanay, Ph.D/Secretary)