Indonesia is a country consists of number of islands and provinces, including Papua Province. Papua is the largest island in Indonesia, rich in bio-diversity from both land and sea. Geographically, Papua island is located on tectonic plate, causes it rich on non-biological natural resources such as oil, gas, minerals and mining materials, including gold, copper, coal, limestone, quartz sand, clay, sand iron, and silica. Despite of these abundant, there have been limited number of researches done to explore the potency of Papua’s natural wealth.

As the world is entering an era where advances in science and technology that moves forward fast, especially in the field of chemistry or chemistry related disciplinary, it will be  beneficial  to  conduct fast  progress  researches  that  mainly  focus  on  converting natural  resources  into  some valuables  materials  which  are  economically  feasible, nature-friendly and sustainable. Therefore, Indonesian Chemical Society (ICS), which was established in 1962, plays significant role to empower Chemists in Indonesia, especially to get involved in doing researches focusing on natural resources. ICS has 20 branches across nation, including Papua Island, which was established in 2014.

Become one of the branches gives immense opportunities for Chemists in Papua to deal with more researches on Papua’s natural wealth. This gives benefit that ICS offers collaboration, not only amongst Indonesian Chemists but also with other chemist from foreign countries

Hence, The 7th  International Conference of the Indonesian Chemical Society held in Papua 26-27 September, 2018, is a venue to the exchange useful information about the latest researches related to natural materials. It is also a forum to interchange the ideas between attendee focusing on utilizing feedstock of natural wealth in Papua to produce more valuable products. In addition, this event will be beneficial for local government, because all recommendations will be delivered to support local regulations, particularly for managing Papua’s natural wealth